Become a producer of clean energy, the sun is a safe investment for your business.


Yet until December 31, you can deduct from taxes 50% of the cost of your PV system designers and technical experts of FEDI Impianti Green Energy will find the solution that suits you , allowing you to gain drastically cutting the cost of your electric bill.

Have you ever heard of grid parity? Government incentives are not the only way to earn money with photovoltaics. In our energy system to produce electricity from renewable sources has become less expensive than the use of traditional fossil fuels , why invest in PV continues to be sustainable not only for the environment but also for your wallet. In fact, a PV system can produce energy at a cost below € 0.09 / kWh , halving energy costs incurred by SMEs Italian average , equal to approximately 0.18 € / kWh.

If you have a productive or commercial self-consumption is worthwhile! If during the day instantly consumption of the energy produced by your PV system uses energy even cleaner … because in addition to being pollutant has the advantage of not being burdened by the costs of taxes and service charges which are normally included in the bill .

The kilowatt-hour self-produced by a PV system with consumption costs less than a third of the kilowatt hour paid in the bill :

1,000 kWh of electricity will cost approximately

  • If picked up by the network, given the current € 220 gross price of the electricity bill
  • If self-produced with a photovoltaic system , 70 EUR considered the current prices of photovoltaics as a deduction to 50%.

And when the consumption is not possible to instantly … No problem , there are storage batteries for photovoltaic systems , which accumulate and store the produced energy!

A battery storage for photovoltaics, allowing you to accumulate and store the energy produced that are unable to consume, in order to enjoy then in times when energy is produced , ie during the night or in the days when ‘ solar radiation is lower and therefore the production of the plant is lower. In this way it is possible to tailor the system to your solar energy needs and become completely self-sufficient, thanks to an energy reserve is always available, which is not included in the bill because it has been exempted from the network.

The battery storage system will operate continuously and is not interrupted by power outages in the electricity network , continuing to produce and store energy. A control unit manages the energy produced by means of a software and , if the energy needs require it , picks up the energy needed by the network.

Already have a photovoltaic system? Constantly monitors its performance and maximizes its useful life , entrusting the management and maintenance of a group experienced and professional . Discover our service O & M

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