My company: efficient, modern, responsible

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are a new source of revenue for my company, thanks to the great savings that comes on the bills of electricity and gas. The decision to invest in the latest technologies available in the field of energy allows my company to stand out not only to be at the forefront, but also to carry out their activities without harming the environment, in respect of its customers and its employees: in short, a sustainable company.

My company leading change

The principle of diversification of sources of energy supply is one of the foundations of the European strategy for reducing climate-altering emissions and the transition to a new model more sustainable energy for all. As well as on a global scale, even at the level of individual users is preferable and more convenient to choose a mix of different energy sources that complement each other. For this reason FEDI Equipment Green Energy offers its customers a wide range of technology solutions, including photovoltaic, solar thermal, small wind, biomass.

The energy mix best suited to my needs

Through a preliminary analysis of energy consumption, called energy audit, all spaces are identified for improving energy efficiency of a building, so as to avoid losses in the first place. Then, taking into account all its characteristics, location activities undertaken, are identified all those actions necessary to take advantage of all the resources of my company that can provide a source of energy production, reusing and if possible its waste production.

The perfect partner for my business

FEDI Impianti Green Energy has the ability to offer a “turnkey”, providing comprehensive assistance, or just follow a few steps in the process of energy efficiency. Our experienced and highly qualified staff can take care of: to evaluate the feasibility of interventions, submit the application to the GSE (Energy Services Manager), obtain the financing agreement with a bank, design implementation, maintenance and monitoring of the equipment installed and in case of photovoltaic systems, disposal of photovoltaic panels.